Position Announcement

Position Announcement
Editor of the Journal of Risk and Insurance

The American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA) invites applications and nominations for the position of Editor of the Journal of Risk and Insurance.  The position description, pertinent information about the Journal, desired editor qualifications, editor responsibilities, and application/nomination procedures are as follows:

Position Description

The Editor has overall responsibility for assuring the timely and efficient publication of four editions per year of the Journal of Risk and Insurance (Journal hereafter) and is responsible for the final decision on each manuscript.  The Editor will be appointed to a three-year term with the initial appointment to begin in January 2019.  The Editor reports to the Board of Directors of ARIA.  Multiple individuals may submit a joint application to serve as co-editors.

Journal Information

The Journal publishes rigorous, original research in insurance economics, finance, and risk management.  This includes the following areas of specialization:  (1) industrial organization of insurance markets, (2) management of risks in the private and public sectors, (3) insurance finance, financial pricing and financial management, (4) economics of employee benefits, pension plans, and social insurance, (5) utility theory and demand for insurance, (6) asymmetric information, moral hazard, and adverse selection, (7) insurance regulation, (8) econometric, actuarial, and statistical methodology; (9) economics of insurance institutions; and (10) governance of insurance management. Both theoretical and empirical submissions are encouraged.  Empirical work must provide tests of hypotheses based on sound theoretical foundations.

Papers submitted to the Journal are screened by the Editor for suitability before being sent to reviewers.  Authorship of papers under consideration is anonymous to the reviewers, and the identities of reviewers are not revealed to the authors.

Desired Editor Qualifications

  • A strong publication record in leading business and economics journals, established commitment to research in risk management and insurance, and the academic reputation to recruit and retain esteemed Associate Editors.
  • A commitment to promoting significant scholarly research, and to maintaining and improving upon the Journal’s editorial standards and reputation.
  • A reputation for leadership, fairness, objectivity, and integrity.
  • Managerial and administrative skills necessary to assure the timely publication of the Journal, including the ability to motivate co-editors (if any), associate editors and reviewers.
  • Significant editorial experience either as editor or associate editor of a major journal (preferred but not required).

Editor Responsibilities

The Editor will perform the normal duties associated with the editorship of an academic journal, including, but not limited to, the following specific responsibilities:

  • With the guidance of the Editorial Board, determine editorial policies and procedures.
  • Recruit, appoint and motivate co-editors, associate editors and reviewers.
  • Supervise the review of manuscripts submitted for publication in the Journal.
  • Assure the timely and efficient publication of the Journal.
  • Provide periodic reports to the ARIA Board on Journal activities.
  • Develop and implement strategies designed to increase the visibility and impact of the Journal.
  • Work closely with the publisher, Wiley-Blackwell, and respond to any contractual obligation to assure the timely publication of each issue.  Wiley-Blackwell and ARIA will provide some level of compensation to the Editor.  Barring exceptional circumstances, the Editor is limited to two three-year terms by ARIA Board policy.

Application/Nomination Procedures

The composition of the nomination committee is as follows:
Georges Dionne (Chair)
Jeff Brown
Montserrat Guillen
Scott Harrington
Sharon Tennyson
Larry Tzeng
Nadine Gatzert (ex officio member)

Any information request about the position and the procedures should be addressed to: Georges Dionne
Canada Research Chair in Risk Management
HEC Montreal3000 Cote St Catherine Montreal, Qc, Canada
H3T 2A7
Tel. 1-514-340 6596
Email: georges.dionne@hec.ca.

Through correspondence with the Committee Chair, nominees will be asked to submit formal applications by March 15, 2018 to the following address: gestion.risques@hec.ca .

Among the requests will be that the nominee provides a curriculum vita and a statement of editorial aspirations.  The intent of the statement of editorial aspirations is to offer reasons why the nominee wishes to be Editor, what are his/her vision and plans for the Journal, how the nominee’s editorial style will differ – if at all – from the current Journal style, how the nominee will integrate his/her editorial responsibilities with other academic duties, how the nominee plans to produce the Journal, including finding qualified assistance, and what will be the expected institutional support including the housing of the Journal homepage. More information on the Journal is available at the following web site: http://www.journalofriskandinsurance.org/.

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