2018 Robert I. Mehr Award

The American Risk and Insurance Association presents the Robert I. Mehr Award each year for the paper published ten years ago in The Journal of Risk and Insurance that has best stood the test of time. The evaluation of the articles is made by the editorial board of JRI.


The recipient of the 2017 Mehr Award is Okmyung Bin, Jamie Brown Kruse, and Craig E. Landry for Flood Hazards, Insurance Rates, and Amenities:  Evidence From the Coastal Housing Market (Volume 75, Issue 1).


Abstract:  This study employs the hedonic property price method to examine the effects of flood hazard on coastal property values. We utilize Geographic Information System data on National Flood Insurance Program flood zones and residential property sales from Carteret County, North Carolina. Our results indicate that location within a flood zone lowers property value. Price differentials for flood risk and the capitalized value of flood insurance premiums are roughly


equivalent—both exhibiting a nonlinear relationship in flood probability. Our results support the conclusion that flood zone designation and insurance premiums convey risk information to potential buyers in the coastal housing market.

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