Editorial Policy

Manuscripts submitted to The Journal of Risk and Insurance cannot be under consideration at another journal.

The Journal of Risk and Insurance publishes rigorous, original research in insurance and risk management. This includes the following areas of specialization:

  1. Industrial organization of insurance markets;

  2. Management of risks in the private and public sectors;

  3. Insurance finance, financial pricing, financial management;

  4. Economics of employee benefits, pension plans, and social insurance;

  5. Utility theory and demand for insurance;

  6. Asymmetric information, moral hazard, and adverse selection;

  7. Insurance regulation;

  8. Econometric, actuarial, and statistical methodology;

  9. Economics of insurance institutions;

  10. Insurance cycles and economic cycles of insurance markets;

Both theoretical and empirical submissions are encouraged. Empirical work must provide tests of hypotheses based on sound theoretical foundations.

Review Process

Papers submitted to The Journal of Risk and Insurance are initially screened by the Editor for suitability. Papers passing the initial screen are sent to referees. Based on the referee reports, the editor makes one of the following decisions:

  1. Accept;
  2. Return for minor revisions;
  3. Return for major revisions and subsequent reconsideration;
  4. Reject.

The Editor communicates the decision to the author(s) along with the referee reports.
The review process is a double blind. Authorship of papers under consideration is anonymous to the reviewers, and the identities of reviewers are not revealed to the authors.


Communications relating to editorial matters should be sent to

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