Accepted Manuscripts

Accepted articles must conform to the Journal’s Style Guide.  Articles should not exceed 40 pages and abstracts should not exceed 100 words. Comments and notes on previously published articles are typically from five to eight pages.  The final version of the main article body must be in an editable format.  Currently, only DOC and TEX files are supported.  Please contact the editorial office if you have questions.


Cite references in the text by the author’s surname and year of publication. Text citations should be given in the form: “As Witt (1988) showed . . . ” or “As already shown (Witt, 1988; Doherty and Garven, 1998).” Do not use footnotes merely to indicate the author’s name and facts of publication. A complete list of references should be provided at the end of the manuscript, alphabetized by the author’s surname. Please refer to articles already published in JRI for details.

Tables and Figures

Place tables and figures in the body of the manuscript. Figures must be submitted at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi in order to meet standards in the printed version.
All figures must be provided in an accepted format such as EPS or PDF and should be numbered with Arabic numerals. Tables and figures should have brief but clear and descriptive titles. Please do not use colors in figures and text. The axes of figures must be clearly labeled. Tables should be self-contained, that is, the reader should be able to interpret the table without looking in the text for variable definitions and abbreviations. Definitions of all abbreviations should appear in a table note. The columns should be clearly and descriptively labeled. In regression tables, variables should be given short but descriptive names and abbreviations should be avoided wherever possible.

For more details:


Equations should be written using MathType or another equivalent equation editor and should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper. Equation numbers should be in parentheses and flush with the right margin. Text references to equations should be as follows: “equation (3) indicates . . . ” or “substituting for cs from equation (2) . . .”

Early View

To view recently accepted articles which will appear in upcoming issues of the Journal of Risk and Insurance, please visit the Early View section of the Wiley online Library.


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