Supporting Information

Supporting Information can be a useful way for an author to include important but ancillary information with the online version of an article. Examples of Supporting Information include additional tables, technical appendices, data sets, figures, movie files, audio clips, 3D structures, and other related nonessential multimedia files.

Supporting Information should be cited within the article text, and a descriptive legend should be included. It is published as supplied by the author, and a proof is not made available prior to publication; for these reasons, authors should provide any Supporting Information in the desired final format.

The supporting information will be accessed through a link in the online version of the article contained in the Wiley Online Library.  For an example, see

Standard text will be added in the references of the article during the production process to provide a link to the Supplementary Information available online.  In the example noted above, the relevant citation inserted in the article is

Lin, Y., R. D. Macminn, R. Tian, and J. Yu, 2017, Supplementary Material to ’Pension Risk Management in the Enterprise Risk Management Framework’, Journal of Risk and Insurance

For further information on recommended file types and requirements for submission, please visit here.


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