2000 Richard C. Witt Award

Krupa Subramanian

The recipients of the 2000 Witt Award are Krupa Subramanian, Jean Lemaire, John C. Hershey, Mark V. Pauly, Katrina Armstrong, and David A. Asch for Estimating Adverse Selection Costs from Genetic Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer: The Case of Life InsuranceThe Journal of Risk and Insurance, Vol. 66, No. 4. (Dec., 1999), pp. 531-550.

Jean Lemaire

John C. Hershey

Mark V. Pauly






David A. Asch

Genetic testing is a concern for insurers if they cannot use test results in underwriting. We model adverse selection in an insurance market with genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer. Increased forces of mortality resulting from a family history of cancer or a

Katrina Armstrong

positive test for a BRCA mutation are calculated. Using a Markov model, we estimate costs of adverse selection, assuming various testing and insurance purchase behaviors. Adverse selection should be controllable if companies apply strict underwriting rules, requesting cancer history and onset age for all first-degree relatives. If insurers fail to correctly identify the family history of the application and use it in pricing, adverse selection costs could become unbearable.

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